1) Pick a hostname for the URL protection service. 

  • We suggest choosing something like: linkcheck.your-email-domain.com, urldefense.your-email-domain.com or urlf.your-email-domain.com this will be the hostname that all of your users will see in their email when a link has been rewritten,
  • Keep it straightforward and easy to remember.

2) Update the DNS configuration for your domain.

  • At your Domain Name Registrar add a CNAME record for your chosen hostname and point it to urlf.phishprotection.com and allow time for the change to propagate fully.
    You can check your DNS propagation here - https://dnschecker.org/#CNAME/

3) Update the Link Click configuration in the portal.

  • Click on your PhishProtection Application Tab
  • Within your PhishProtection.com account configure the service to use your chosen hostname: 

  • Under Settings chose Company, then click the pencil icon on that page to edit your Company settings
  • Enter your chosen hostname in the "Time of Click Rewriting Domain" field and save the page.

  • Update the Time of Click Rewriting Domain

4) Confirm that your custom link domain works

  • Visit your custom URL to verify that the chosen link check domain has been properly linked to your account. You should see a screen that looks like this: